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Bathroom Plumbing

If you are thinking of adding bathroom plumbing to your basement the process can often be long and complicated. It requires proper planning and professional expertise. A bathroom rough in is not a simple do-it-yourself household project. It can present unique challenges and must meet proper codes, standards, and regulations.

Professional plumbers have the right knowledge and training, as well as the correct tools to ensure bathroom rough ins are completed safely and meets all legislative requirements. At Scott 2 Go Plumbing Inc., bathroom rough ins are our specialty! To ensure the drainage and venting for your bathroom rough in is properly installed according to current plumbing codes, standards, and regulations contact us today!

What is a Bathroom plumbing Rough In?

A bathroom rough in means that all water supply, drainage, venting, and connections are all in the correct positions. This position is within the framing and concrete, so that when fixtures are installed, they hook up properly. During the rough in stage, the tub and shower valve are installed. Other fixtures are not installed until the dry wall, trim, and flooring are complete.


Plumbing permits are required before the work of a bathroom rough in can begin and the homeowner must contact their local authority (i.e., City of Edmonton) to obtain the permit. Once the rough in is complete a full inspection by a licensed Inspector must be conducted before the fixtures can be installed in the final stage.  


It may be necessary to relocate or reroute drains if certain fixtures do not line up to the exact location of where they need to be. To ensure that all drainage lines up accordingly, then the basement concrete may need to be broken up to relocate the drain(s). If you require the relocation of drain(s) please let us know and we can discuss adding this service to your bathroom rough in.

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