leak repair

Leak Repair

Scott2Go Plumbing offers leak repair. Leaks in your household can be caused for several reasons. As soon as you detect a leak in your home it is important to get it diagnosed and fixed right away to avoid further household damage and expensive water bills. For long-term plumbing solutions, including leak detection, our Scott 2 Go Plumbing Inc. professionals are only a call away to help you quickly resolve and repair your leaks!

Plumbing Fixture Leaks

As a result of daily use, the plumbing fixtures in your household may experience normal wear and tear which over time. This affects the functionality and performance of them causing leaks. Common plumbing leaks include dripping faucets, kinked plumbing lines, lines not being properly installed, and/or ruptured washing machine hoses.

Other Water Leaks

In addition to leaking plumbing fixtures, you may notice water leaks resulting from broken, cracked, or corroded piping, incorrect installation or repair of fixtures, or deteriorated seals and/or fittings. Cold weather may also cause your waterlines to freeze and expand. This weakens and breaks the pipes resulting in leaks.

Sometimes water leaks are difficult to find if they are in your ceiling, below your floor, or behind your walls. Leaks can go unnoticed for an extended period of time if they are leaking slowly. Therefore, if you notice reduced water flow, discoloured water, unusually high-water bills, or soaked carpets or ceilings you may have a water leak and it is recommended that you contact a professional plumber to inspect your piping.

Leak Repair


Here are a couple tips and tricks to help with leak prevention:

  1. As a best practice avoid pouring anything other than water and soap down your drain. This preserves the life of your pipes. The main rule of thumb for grease and oils is “store it, don’t pour it!”
  2. Ensure that your pipes are properly insulated or re-routed away from exterior walls of your household to avoid exposure to cold temperatures which will prevent them from freezing.
  3. It is recommended to have the cold and hot water hoses of your washing machine replaced every 5 years to ensure these lines do not fail and potentially leak.
  4. Check and mark your water meter reading often, this way if there is a large discrepancy it is a good indicator you may have a leak.
  5. Check the P-traps located under your kitchen and bathroom sink often to ensure they are not leaking; this will prevent water damage to the bottom of your cabinets and/or sub-flooring.

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